As a life-long KJV junkie, I decided this year to do my Bible reading in the New Living Translation…  It’s been very enlightening.   Not really because I didn’t understand the KJV – but because the wording is SO different in the NLT that it makes me think again.

As an example, I was captivated by today’s reading in Exodus 14, regarding the exodus from Egypt.  In verse 8, it says “The LORD hardened the heart of Pharoah, the King of Egypt, so he chased after the people of Israel, who had left with fists raised in defiance.”

As soon as I read it – I knew exactly what the wording would be in the KJV.   “…with a high hand”.  Had I been reading in the KJV, I would have blown across that verse without another thought.   But the wording “fists raised in defiance” captured my imagination.

Much like the children of Israel in Egypt, the enemy has made my life miserable at times…   I’ve served sin, done its bidding.   At first, I just lived in the neighborhood.   But close proximity turned into incorporation, and then to enslavement.   Soon sin had me building its monuments, and eventually even made me find my own resources to do so!

Thankfully – “a prophet like unto Moses” came along (Acts 3:20-22 – Jesus) and led me out.  And he did the same for you.

But how did we leave?   Most of us picture our exodus as one beaten, broken, and poor – stripped of strength, our hope of posterity gone.   But that is not the way God’s deliverance works.   They actually plundered Egypt on their way out, and according to Exodus, left “with fists raised in defiance”.

I’m glad you got out of Egypt.  Really.  And you don’t want to go back.   But quit hanging your head in shame over what the enemy took from you during your captivity!    On the way out, God re-equipped you for the hope and the future He had planned for you before you ever went in!

So – as you turn your back on sin…  don’t hang your head.   Go ahead and make the devil mad, and leave Him with your fists raised in defiance!   Your life in sin wasn’t good – but you did learn some things, and now that you’re free you’re much stronger.   Why doesn’t the devil put THAT in his pipe and smoke it?!?

So leave Egypt.  By all means – get out.  But don’t just do so quietly!   Strip every benefit, every advantage, every lesson learned from the house of the enemy.   Throw your fist in the air, and remind the enemy of exactly how powerless and pathetic he really is.

And take what you learned in Egypt all the way into the Promised Land.

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