Kaiser Peak, Kaiser Wilderness Area - Location of the 2012 Hike for a CURE

Due to the recent hantavirus outbreak in Yosemite National Park (http://aol.it/OEZgYN), Hike for a CURE has been relocated to the Kaiser Wilderness area, just south of Yosemite.    Nearly all of those involved in the hike have family members or close friends that have weakened immune systems due to chemotherapy treatments for hystiocytosis – and so the trepidation that any visitor to Yosemite might feel at present is multiplied.

Because of this concern, the hike has been moved to the Kaiser Wilderness area.   While it is still a difficult hike, the vertical distance covered is about ½ that of the originally-planned ascent to Cloud’s Rest in Yosemite.    The destination (Kaiser Peak) is actually higher than Cloud’s Rest, but the starting point is also much higher.

That’s good news for me!   I haven’t had near the opportunity to train for the hike as hoped.   The hike is this Sunday (Sept 23rd), and I will only get in one more short 5-mile training hike.

Please sponsor me, by making a donation to The Histio CURE Foundation in honor of Charlie Grace.  You can do this:

For those who are local in the Cedar Rapids area who wish to donate by check – please get the check to Rhonda or me by Sun Oct 7.   You will receive a receipt from the Histio CURE Foundation for tax purposes.

Thanks for working alongside of us to fund research for a cure to this rare disease.   The Foundation is an all-volunteer organization, which means that 100% of your donation will fund research.

For more information about histiocytosis or the Histio CURE Foundation, please visit their website at http://www.histiocure.org.

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